patti with an ‘i’ and patty with a ‘y’

a cabaret


Friday June 27, 2008     “patty with an ‘i’ and patty with a ‘y’: a cabaret

SHOW PREMIERE at THE toronto downtown jazz festival, the old mill

“Two sublimely talented women - Patti Loach and Patricia Zentilli - joined forces for an evening rich with humour, passion and love for the American Songbook

and Musical Theatre.” Sybil Walker, Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival

“Loach, an accomplished pianist and self-confessed cabaret enthusiast, performs regularly with Opera Diva Jean Stilwell in their production of Carmen Unzipped which was a highlight of last year’s Cabaret Series.   Patricia Zentilli has performed musical theatre across the country, most recently onstage in the Canadian Stage Company's production of Little Shop of Horrors and she is well known for her performance of Susan on Global Television's The Jane Show’.” Sybil Walker, Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival

Patricia at Sharron’s Party at the Diesel Playhouse. Photo by Jeremy Clay

“Their show exhibited their love of a good tune, their appreciation of a quirky lyric and their unrelenting belief that cabaret, like champagne, needs to be researched, savored and enjoyed whenever possible.” Sybil Walker, Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival


Patti Loach

         Photo by Shelley Quinn


Patti and Patty in Winnipeg, walking back to the Fort Garry during a production of

The Last Five Years.


photo by Jim Allen, Dresses Atelier Rosemarie Umetsu

What people are saying about the show: “pattI with an ‘i’ and patty with a ‘y’ at the TD Canada trust jazz festival cabaret series

“Patty with a ‘y’ and Patti with an ‘i’ - WOW! - what a great evening of witty and touching songs these talented women performed. I smiled and hummed and listened to those notes and words, and yes, shed a tear.  I LOVED it!”                                    

Veronica Tennant, Toronto

The show was sooooo good and so very entertaining!!! Patty sure is a character with talent and she can really belt out a song!! We both came home feeling thankful and upbeat!!!”                                                            

Margaret and Jim Aikins, Toronto

“Patricia Zentilli is a quirky and funny yet vulnerable 

singer -performer.

Patti Loach was adorable on stage and I loved her presence as well as her spoken contributions.”   

George Evans, Toronto

“You were all sparkling! May I join the throng of admirers who are sending congratulations for an outstanding performance last night at the Old Mill?  It was a tour de force! Patti Loach on piano was with Patricia at all times,  leading and following, and sometimes seeming to be in her pocket!  The material was well chosen and just jumped with energy and fun. I especially enjoyed the “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” background and I was glad that you included it. Patricia was natural. She gave of herself with that gorgeous voice, and she was, at all times, musical.                                            Barbara Hart, Toronto

photos by Jeremy Clay, Dresses r.u. studio


Awards for the CD

  1. Bullet  “newcomer Patricia Zentilli ...aces every one of the great cuts on her Pull Me Through album”: Manhattan Users Guide, 02/02/09

  1. Bullet  winner of the New York Cabaret Hotline Online“Best 2008 Fusion Cabaret CD”

  1. Bullet  winner of the 2009 TWISI Award for outstanding Achievement on CD by a Canadian female theatre artist

  1. Bullet  co-winner (with Janet MacEwen) of the 2009 TWISI People’s Choice Award for outstanding Achievement on CD by a Canadian female theatre artist

What people are saying:

  1. Bullet  “It’s fantastic and I’m so grateful you chose the song for the CD”: Jeff Bowen, composer “Way Back to Then” (“Title of Show”)

  1. Bullet  “Your version of ‘Just Not Now’ is wonderful. Congrats!”:  Ryan Cunningham, composer “Just Not Now”

  1. Bullet “Gorgeous work, an alround winner!!”: Marek Norman, composer

  1. Bullet“This CD is a fine example of how good music can happen just by singing some well-chosen songs and getting the right people to play them with you. The strength is in the performers’ skills and the songs’ intricate writing. Sometimes less is more.”: Anna Maria Stjarnell, Collected Sounds, Sweden

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Click here for the March 2009 interview with

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