“Loach is a chameleon of the keyboard, playing brilliantly in so many different styles I sometimes feel she should be checked out for multiple personality disorder.”

Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star

"One more observation last night was on the quality of Loach's playing. This was show music rendered with a grace, subtlety and craft that could put many an art song or opera accompanist to shame." John Terauds, Musical Toronto

"Pianist Patti Loach...  creates music to illustrate any and all moods...  thoughtful and passionately performed..." Drew Rowsome, FAB Magazine

“To observe pianist Patti Loach in concert as an accompanist to performers such as Jean Stilwell, Lindsay Sutherland Boal or, these days, Brad Hampton is to witness a woman at the top of her powers. Her playing is precise and spirited and her presence – with buzzing energy in a thin frame, and wiry blonde hair that threatens to explode – often belies her role as a ‘mere’ background performer.” Don Young, Forever Young

“It’s what you’d want in a cabaret: it’s personal, it has both humour and heart, and both Brad and Patti are compelling performers.” Liz Nicholls, Edmonton Journal

"Pianist Patti Loach's home kitchen is a metaphor for her life: open, inviting, eclectic, and dominated by a Steinway semi-concert grand piano. She and musical theatre actor-singer Brad Hampton have toured their excellent show The Picture of Happiness, and are now back at home - offering two performances in her actual Beach-neighbourhood home. This is a guaranteed treat (I reviewed it here).” John Terauds, Musical Toronto

Patti’s lovely lyricism and sensitive style captured the essence of Bill Charlap’s arrangement (of Pure Imagination). ‘Delicious,’ said Patti of Charlap’s arrangement: “delicious” back to you for your playing, Patti.” Gaynor Jones, ArtsToronto

“Her hands deftly occupied with providing the sparkling musical accompaniment, Loach is the more sophisticated older woman.”

Anya Wassenberg, Culture Maven Blog

“Patti Loach never missed a beat or mood swing.”

John Terauds, Toronto Star

“Loach is a miniature blonde with a personality as oversized as her prized Steinway piano.”

Deirdre Kelly, Globe and Mail 

“Patti Loach is a worthy co-conspirator whose strong support at the keyboard matches a singer in pathos and humour.”

Bruce Garman, Saskatoon Opera

“Loach must be given credit for the wonderful arc of this evening which owes much to her discovery of such compelling songs, as well as her talents as a writer and arranger.”

Bruce Garman, Saskatoon Opera

“What makes this evening is the sheer force and presence of Stilwell and Loach on stage.”

John Terauds, Toronto Star

“These two women - Stilwell and Loach - not only know how to make music, they know how to connect with an audience.”

John Terauds, Toronto Star

“Stilwell and Loach are two serious artists who leave nothing to chance.“

John Terauds, Toronto Star

“Jean Stilwell and Patti Loach quickly took hold of our heartstrings ... and never let go.” 

Bruce Garman, Saskatoon Opera