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Ashante Infantry interviews Patti with her husband, John Loach,

about “Patti with an ‘i’ and Patty with a ‘y’”

Patti and John Loach

June 19, 2008 - Ashante Infantry

John Loach, 52, and Patti Loach, 49, will probably celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary tomorrow with a low-key dinner at their Beach home.

The musical couple – he plays trumpet, she piano – met at camp -  Manitou Wabing - near Parry Sound, in 1970, though their first date came eight years later.

John is a guest artist at the June 27, 2008 Cabaret series date featuring his wife, along with singer Patricia Zentilli at the Old Mill (8 p.m. $30).

Q: How did you meet?

Patti: The first time I ever saw John, it was in a rehearsal at Scarborough Music Camp. I was 11. I watched as this lanky 15-year-old kid in the trumpet section tightened his watch on his left hand. Not a big deal, except this boy was missing one hand. I was amazed at the dexterity and efficiency in his gesture. Not as amazed, though, as when the band read through Edward Elgar's suite "Enigma Variations." Toward the end of the piece there came – soaring above the rest of the ensemble – this strong, perfectly in tune, absolutely confident trumpet line, so I looked over at the section and it was the same kid. I knew then: Trumpet Kid could do anything. To this day, if I hear "Nimrod" (from the suite), it stops me dead in my tracks. I remember that boy with the watch, I remember the intensity of John's gaze as he looked straight at the conductor – not at his music – while he played that line. And I was right. Trumpet Kid could do anything.

Q: What has Patti contributed to you musically?

John: She's shown me the value of practicing and introduced me to many wonderful soloists.

Q: If your partnership had a theme song, what would it be?

John: Prokofiev's "Romeo and Juliet." Beautiful, complicated, well orchestrated.

Patti: "Lucky To Be Me" by Bernstein / Comden and Green, because of the lyric:  "What a night. Suddenly you came in sight, looking just the way I hoped you'd be. I'm so lucky to be me. I'm so proud you chose me from all the crowd. There's no other girl I'd rather be, I could laugh out loud: I'm so lucky to be me."

Q: Besides music, what are your other common interests/pursuits?

John: Enjoying and helping our boys (Will, 26, Rob, 24, Ned, 21); preparing and sharing great food and drink with family and friends; traveling to warmer places in the winter; sleeping together; giving each other space.

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