The Picture of a Prairie Encore: Part Deux. And a goat.

We're not kidding: Fred Penner will be hosting the second and third stops on our Prairie Encore tour in Winnipeg in June! We sold out our three shows at Fred's place last year; he's a popular fellow, so if you'd like to be there please buy your tickets early. By the way, in lieu of sandwiches (he eats them all the time) we shall be serving our signature Nanaimo Bars and Buttertart Squares* at the shows. 

Saturday at 7:30, Sunday at 2:30.  Tickets $35, or $30 for students/seniors/arts workers.

Click here for information about our show on Friday June 20th, hosted by Monica Huisman, Geraldine De Braune and Shirley Elias.  

(They're fabulous. We're not kidding.) 

Still curious?

Fred Penner 


The Official Trailer