The Picture of Preparedness


I can't believe it: today is our last rehearsal before the first sold-out* show of the summer on June 1st, in Toronto.  

We'll be kicking off the "prairie home tour" in Edmonton on June 6th, 7th and 8th and in Winnipeg on June 27th, 28th, and 29th.  For Brad and Rae, prairie-born-and-bred, the shows in the west are going to be a chance to connect with old friends, schoolmates - Trevor Schmidt are you listening? - and family. A note to Rae's Aunty Jean and Aunty Julie: we promise to behave. Sort of. 

I'm along for the ride because I've been promised beef in Alberta,  pierogies in Winnipeg, and I'll be able to reconnect with  my dear friend, "Patty with a 'y'",  Patricia Zentilli, and her bouncing baby boy, Leo.

On other fronts, I had a great interview with Don Wall at Forever Young News earlier this month. You can read it by clicking here. My inner-nerd was chuffed to see her photo on the same page as Julie Payette's. 

*Oh, and if you're interested in seeing any of the shows in Edmonton or Winnipeg, please please please be sure to your tickets in advance. They're small venues, and, well, I'd hate to miss seeing you because a show was sold out!

You, too, can be The Picture of Preparedness. 

Yours truly,