The Picture of Rae Ellen Bodie, going home.

In Rae Ellen's words...


For as long as I've called Toronto "home" - and it has been a long time - there is still something of home in Alberta for me. Friends, family, mountains, that big Alberta sky - home. That's why I'm so excited that Brad, Patti and I are bringing POH home to Calgary at the end of October. We're playing at Mariette Sluyter's house near Aspen Landing in the SW, from Oct 25-27 - and maybe even the 28th! I haven't done anything theatre-related in Calgary for 15 years, so I'm nervous and happy and, and, and...  all those things  one feels when they go back to where it all started, I suppose. 

The Picture Of Happiness is Brad's story and begins in Calgary.  It's about family, and friends and food and love and grief and forgiveness - some of my favorite things - and I am so, so proud of it! Can't even believe that 20+ years after we met, in the Theatre Calgary production of Amadeus (with Chris Hunt, the late, great Jane Logie, Mr. Brian Jensen, John James Hong, the lovely and talented Valerie Planche, and my beloved friend Grant Reddick - to name but a few) that Brad Hampton and I are going to be doing theatre once again in our hometown!

Please come and see it! You can get tickets here, at Brown Paper Tickets.