POH returns to Winnipeg then plays Jazz Bistro in Toronto!

Been awhile - a long while - since we've been on the road with POH. Brad, Patti and I head to Winnipeg next week to play three shows. Our first show - Friday, June 20 - is being performed at the home of lovely and talented opera singer Monica Huisman's and is being co-hosted by the equally lovely and talented Geraldine De Braune and Shirley Elias. All three of them are forces to be reckoned with - we're so happy Monica invited us to play at her house! Come and play with us - buy tickets here.

Our other two shows - Saturday June 21 & Sunday June 22 - are at Fred Penner's house, where we played three sold-out shows last June. Wonderful, sweet Fred has opened his home to us yet again and we're so excited to return - Nanaimo Bars in hand.  If you're up for some fun at Fred's, you can purchase tickets here.

If you live in the Toronto area and don't want to fly to Winnipeg to see us next weekend, fret not! We are proud to be playing a pre-World Pride parade brunch on Sunday, June 29! Hosted by the beautiful Sybil Walker at the Jazz Bistro, the show will be a great way to fuel up and open your heart before hitting the parade route, which is just around the corner from the Jazz Bistro. To reserve tickets, call 416-363-5229.

A few weeks ago Drew Rowsome interviewed Brad and me about POH for My Gay Toronto. I can safely say it's the most fun I've ever had during an interview, as Drew and his partner in crime, photographer Raul Da Silva, were so engaged and engaging and FUNNY!  (Also, I had a martini...) Read the article here.

I think that's it! An hour and a half after starting what I thought would be a quick note to you, I'm finally finished! It's truly amazing to me the amount of work that has to be done to sell our little show - but it's so worth it when I see people laughing and/or crying at the end of the night; so eager to stay and have a glass of wine and a chat and process what they've seen. I've watched the show dozens of times now and I never tire of it - it remains so present for me, so NOW, but it is full of memory too - Brad's memories of course, and Patti's - but also mine. I directed POH during a very specific time of my life and whenever I experience it I am filled with thoughts and feelings for everyone and everything that was in my heart at that time. It's all there in the fabric of the show. 

I like that. Makes me the picture of happiness.

Lots of love,