“how great it was to finally see/hear John play ... he's wonderful.” Ted Dykstra

“a unique, creative, problem-solving mind” Steve Wallace

John plays many roles: recording engineer, machinery and software designer, model railroad enthusiast, proud father to three spectacular sons, world traveller, founder of ‘Jazz in the Kitchen’, and musician, to list just a few.

John’s appearances with

Jean Stilwell, Patricia Zentilli, Lindsay Sutherland Boal, Mike Murley, Gene Di Novi, Fred Penner, Mark Eisenman, Steve Wallace, John Sumner, Warren Vache, John Alcorn, and with his cousin - pianist/oncologist -David Loach, have endeared him to audiences everywhere.

Remembrance Day Service at University of Toronto’s Soldiers’ Tower    

He is married to Patti Loach, who is crazy about him.

Photo by Lisa MacIntosh