I’m the picture of excited. And also, something beautiful happened.

(Click here for information and/or a reservation to the show in Toronto on November 11th.) 

I’m the picture of excited. And also, something beautiful happened.

I'm excited because of what’s happening this month: Brad Hampton and I are performing The Picture of Happiness on Remembrance Day at a benefit at Toronto’s Metropolitan Community Church.

Now here’s the beautiful thing: about a month ago, Suzanne Christie from MCC phoned us to say that the church wanted to share the proceeds of the benefit with a second group and they wanted to know if we had any favorite charities. I was really touched, I mean …. I don’t know… it’s so open hearted, so decent of them to ask us where we would like some of the funds to end up. Plus, in lieu of a prescribed ticket price, MCC is collecting a “love offering” (pay what you can). Normally a ticket to one of our shows is between $25-$35. Some people will 'offer' more money, some will pay less, but this way, it’s equitable: anyone who wants to come to see the show can come.  No one will be left out. (As long as you reserve your seat, that is....) 

As an added bonus, on Sunday November 9th, at MCC's two morning services (8:50 and 10:50 a.m.), Brad and I are going to perform a song that features John Loach on trumpet.

So, you can see why I’m excited about November: On the 9th, I get to make music with two supremely talented - and handsome - men, and on the 11th I'm going to be playing The Picture of Happiness - a show with music I love and a great story that has relevance to Remembrance Day - in the company of some really beautiful people. And everyone can come. I like that.

Plus... the show is LLBO licensed!

I really hope you will join us. 



The Deets

  • The Picture of Happiness, Brad Hampton and Patti Loach, directed by Rae Ellen Bodie
  • Date: Remembrance Day, Tuesday November 11, 2014 at 8:00 p.m. 
  • Address: Metropolitan Community Church, 115 Simpson Avenue near Broadview and Gerrard, Toronto (map
  • Tickets: 416-406-6228 ext. 103 or online.
  • Ticket Price: pay what you can, a "love offering"/donation - you must reserve your seat.
  • This event is LLBO licensed. 

Click here if you're curious to know which charity we chose and why we chose it.