The Picture of Fred Penner

Metro Winnipeg, June 26, 2013 

Our next stop on the "prairie home tour" is in Winnipeg. This time, we're delighted to be performing in an actual home, in fact it's at Fred Penner's place. Fred's been a wonderful supporter of the show ever since he saw his first performance. "'If you’re in a theatre space you’re sort of one step removed,' explained Penner of the experience of watching the show in a home setting. 'When you’re in a space like a kitchen… you are literally two steps away from the artist so you’re engaged on a different level than you would be in a more traditional theatrical setting."' Metro Winnipeg, June 26, 2013

Brad and Rae - the Picture of Happiness prairie kids - are happy to be visiting "big sky country" again. To be honest, I'm more excited about the prospect of the Mennonite Sausage that I've been hearing about for years. Fred has promised us a day of authentic Prairie food. I don't even know what that means. 

Fred Penner at The Mariposa Folk Festival 2012

In the meantime, we're solidifying plans for our (October?) trip to Calgary and there are rumours of additional dates in Canmore. That's exciting: I love the mountains. 

And now, practicing, laundry and packing for tomorrow morning's flight to the 'Peg. We'll be back on Canada Day. 

*Oh, and if you're interested in seeing the shows in Winnipeg, please please please be sure to buy your tickets in advance. We only have room for 30-35 people and, well, I'd hate to miss seeing you because a show was sold out.  The show was featured in the Winnipeg Free Press and Metro Winnipeg this morning: we only have three tickets left for Friday night's show, and the other nights' shows are selling quickly. 

"My motivation for hosting the show at my house was simply to bring this impressive, intimate production to a Winnipeg audience.

I saw it three times in Toronto. I really love the show." Fred Penner