Soulpepper. And a podcast.

Soulpepper, one of Toronto's most exciting theatre companies, has been presenting cabaret practically since they first set up shop in the beautiful Young Theatre in the Distillery District.  In October 2009 I was there as part of the Canwest Cabaret Festival with Patricia Zentilli (THE SHOPPING CART OF LOVE), and three years later, Jean Stilwell and I performed WHAT WAS I SAYING? at the Global Cabaret Festival. 

Brad and Rae and I were honoured to have been a part of Soulpepper's ongoing cabaret series on September 19th (2015). All of my experiences with Soulpepper have been excellent: their tech people are top notch, the performance spaces are wonderful, the lighting is great, the sound is amazing, and they treat everyone - performers, audience - with care and respect. I have MUCH admiration and gratitude for Soulpepper. 

I don't have many photos of that evening to share which really is a pity, but under the careful curatorship and prowess of Gregory Sinclair,  Soulpepper has been podcasting parts of the shows, so you can have a listen at this link. Just scroll down on that page to The Picture of Happiness. Enjoy!



The horn player is my husband John. His addition to the programme was a surprise for the audience, he makes a quiet entrance toward the end of the programme and ... well let's just say there were tears when he finished playing.  Thanks to Sharron Matthews for the photo!