The Picture of Lining up Ducks


The summer's almost over and Brad, Rae and Patti are lining up their ducks for October's shows at Gallery Fontana Swing.

There are photos to disperse, presenters to confirm details with, interviews to organize, martinis to be shaken, not stirred.

The picture of anticipation. Just announced: October 19th and 20th shows in Toronto

The picture of anticipation.

Just announced: two shows in Toronto on October 19th and 20th

The Picture of Happiness at Gallery Fontana Swing, Dundas East at Carlaw, Toronto.

The photos are here!

The photos from our photoshoot in Montreal (because we are fancy) with Sabrina Reeves have started to arrive and we're really excited about them! Click here if you'd like a peek.

This is a Picture of a Singer-Pianist relationship.

Sabrina Reeves ... the photos are arriving!

Well, Sabrina Reeves has been sending the finished images from our photo shoot in Montreal and we are The Picture of Delight with her work.  Here's a great one of Rae! You'll see more of Sabrina's work over the next couple of weeks, as we add them to the site.

The Picture of Discretion.....

In addition to the adventures I talked about, just below, .... we have some very exciting news about Picture of Happiness performances for 2012 !!!!! 

We have to be The Picture of Discretion until all of the i's are dotted and t's are crossed, but we are quite chuffed, so, if YOU can just be The Picture of Patience, we'll have more to tell you. SOON. I promise.