What we've been up to since Birdland ...

Tsk. From the lack of activity on the site it must look like we're The Picture of Laziness. Trust me, we've been busy since November when Brad and Patti were at Birdland.*  In December,  we had photos taken by Sabrina Reeves in MONTREAL.  You'll see them posted soon. We look ever so fetching despite the massive quantities of Quebecois artisanry cheeses we hoovered.  Secondly, VICKIE REICHARDT has created a brand new trailer for the show which we can't wait to share with you ...  Vickie created the videos that line the right hand side of this page.

Birdland, New York - "Jim Caruso's Cast Party"

Brad and Patti were guest performers at the Jim Caruso’s Cast Party at Birdland, New York, on November 14th!

This is a picture of Patti walking back through Times Square to the hotel, after we were done. You could also call it The Picture of Post-Show Adrenaline.


Le Salon Secret - The Picture of SOLD OUT

The Picture of Happiness just completed a sell-out three-night run at Rebecca Northan's wonderful theatre space, Le Salon Secret in downtown Toronto.