jean and patti are so very grateful ...

  • to John Loach for his lattés, his technical prowess on-stage and off, his musicianship, and his unwavering love and support
  • to Brad Hampton for his gentle guidance through the creation of our shows, and his constant friendship - you are our Rosetta Stone
  • to Rae Ellen Bodie for being blunt but kind, always pushing us to take bigger risks and being right about it, even when we were "resistant"
  • to all of the composers and lyricists: your work has given us much joy and we have treated it with absolute respect for your craft
  • to the friends and family members upon whose sympathetic and intelligent ears we have imposed beta versions of each of these shows - thank you for listening
  • to our mothers: Margaret Galbraith Stilwell and Helen Paddle - "if we sing, you are the music"